How to prepare your home for a cat

So you’ve decided to adopt a cat? That’s great! Cats make great pets and are very lovable animals. They are not as high-maintenance as dogs because they don’t need to be walked a few times a day and can generally take care of themselves without much input from a human. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to prepare anything to make living with a cat comfortable. If this is your first cat read our short guide of the essential items you will need to purchase beforehand.


This is a no-brainer. You will need to have cat food ready at hand when your new pet arrives. Some cats are gluttons and they will eat anything you give them (or whatever they can grab off your dinner plate) while others have sensitive palates and will only eat certain types of food. If you have the means to, find out what the cat was eating at their previous owners and try to feed them that. Familiar food will make it easier to adjust and if you want to, you can later slowly change it up. If you aren’t sure which cat food brand your cat was eating earlier buy small amounts of different brands first so that you won’t waste money if your new pet decides to ignore what you gave them.

There are two types of cat foods: dry and wet. Veterinarians recommend providing both types as they each have a different role to play in your cat’s health. Also, grab some food and water bowls, and a pack of cat treats to reward your cat when playing.


Your cat will need to use a toilet regularly so make sure the litterbox you purchase is always clean and filled with cat litter. Litterboxes can be either hooded or open. Hooded ones reduce the amount of litter scatter but not all cats will want to use it.

Litter also comes in many different types. Clumping ones will be easier to clean (for that, you will need a scooper). Crystal costs more but will last longer. Again, it is best to ask the previous owners about your cat’s toilet habits. Some cats have a hard time using different kinds of litter and will only use one specific type.

Scratching needs

If you don’t want to see your furniture ruined get something for your cat to scratch freely. A simple scratching post is fine but if you have enough space and funds we highly recommend getting a cat tree. Cat trees are a great way to vertically expand the space your cat can play in. Cat trees have plenty of scratchable areas and will also provide a safe space for your cat to rest and play. Check out these best cat trees by Pets Ami.


A responsible pet owner should take their companion for regular checkups. For that, you will need to use a cat carrier. Make sure you buy something lightweight but sturdy enough to hold your cat safely inside. The cat carrier should be well-ventilated. Cover the bottom of the carrier with a towel of cloth to help your new friend sit more comfortably.

Norma Freeman