Additional kayaking equipment for a comfortable trip

You don’t’ need a lot to go on a kayak trip. A kayak, a paddle, some floatation device and comfortable clothes are the bare necessities needed to have a successful excursion. But if you are planning an extensive trip or just want to prepare for the worst, here are some ideas for what else to bring with you when going kayaking.

Kayak seat

One of the worst things about paddling for a prolonged period is the aching in your back and butt. Sitting anywhere for long hours is not uncomfortable and it’s even more so when you are sitting on a hard surface with no cushion. That’s where kayak seats come in. If you don’t want anything spoiling your performance and enjoyment we highly recommend you get one.

Kayak seats are great as they provide lumbar support necessary to enjoy kayaking for the duration of the whole trip. They add stability and increase your comfort. Anyone going on a kayaking trip that lasts for hours during one day should have the best kayak seat with them.

Paddling gloves

Paddling gloves will give your hands an additional layer of protection. This can prevent blisters while providing a better grip. Good paddling gloves don’t cost much but will make a large difference in your kayaking experience. Try them on before you make a purchase to make sure they fit your hands properly.


Even if the weather isn’t particularly sunny, it is still worth it to grab a tub of waterproof sunscreen of at least 30 SPF before you set out. Being outside all day makes you exposed to harmful sun rays and can leave you with a painful sunburn if you’re not careful. Sunscreen can also save you from that awkward tan you get when kayaking in a sit in kayak – lighter legs with tanned upper body.

Emergency snacks

A bag of emergency energy bars can save you and your companions if you feel that the trip is taking a bigger toll on your bodies than expected. A quick energy rush is sometimes all that is needed to reach your final goal.

Protective bags

Plastic protective bags should be a must-have item for every kayaker but they are often overlooked. Putting your valuables, such as cellphones, cash and credit cards can save you in a pinch. The bag will keep your items from having contact with water in case of simple splashing or more serious occurrences, such as capsizing.

Trolling motor

You can even put a trolling motor on your kayak if you don’t feel like paddling all the time. Not all kayaks can be mounted with a trolling motor but most can – make sure to check your model’s specifications first. This is a popular item especially amongst people who use kayaks to fish. These kayak trolling motors should provide everything you need for comfortable kayaking anywhere you are.

Norma Freeman