7 Items To Take To University

Many say that university is the highlight of one’s lifetime, and I couldn’t agree more. Some crucial decisions hang over your head during student years. You have to make sense of your career, your identity, and your purpose in life. Although these things might seem abstract at this point, soon enough you’re going to feel the urge for some answers. However, before you proceed to the deeper dilemmas, you should start by making sense of the pregnantly current deeds: What did I forget from the Uni list?

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of 7 things that I find essential in hindsight to my years at university.

1. Mug. I wanted to start the list with the most commendable item that has accompanied me in sickness and in health during the academic years. A mug is slightly underappreciated before college, however, you’ll discover new facets of this seemingly usual item. Sometimes a cup of a hot tea or a steamy coffee will be the best solace after a hard exam or the greatest prize after the completion of a difficult project.

2. Messenger Leather Bag. You don’t have to be an old-school student to wear a messenger bag. Not only are they spacious and are just as big as to hold the few notebooks you need but also look great. Of course, this is just a general direction. For instance, you could just as well go for a women’s messenger bag that has a more modern approach to its design than the classic leather one.

3. Umbrella. If you’re not studying in an arid country, then autumn will probably bring about a great deal of dampness and rain. For you not to be taken by surprise, equipping yourself with an umbrella might be the wisest thing to do. Also, another important consideration goes to the dimensions. While larger umbrellas are usually more inviting to the eye and classy, I suggest you purchase a medium-sized one, since they are easier to carry around.

4. Portable Charger. The library is certainly one of the landmarks of a student. While studying time usually feels like it flies by and so it does the phone battery. There’s nothing more frustrating than needing some information and cannot access it due to your phone being dead.

5. Printer. This is one of the most worthwhile university-centered investments. During your student years, you’ll be continuously notified by professors of different manuals that you need to copy or documents you have to provide. In the long run, a printer proves itself a money-saving tool.

6. Earplugs. This is straightly directed towards students who are considering sleeping in halls of residence. Although the dorms provide numerous benefits to students, one of the most flagrant downsides is having to share the room with a few mates. Since you don’t know your future-to-be roommates’ habits, some earplugs will prove themselves beneficial.

7. That one personal emotional item. It could be anything from a teddy bear to a photo or some shaggy jeans. When you’re alone in a new place, there aren’t that many things that remind you of home. You are the only one in charge of keeping the bonds warm and maintaining an emotionally stable journey through university.

Norma Freeman

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