How to prepare your home for a cat

So you’ve decided to adopt a cat? That’s great! Cats make great pets and are very lovable animals. They are not as high-maintenance as dogs because they don’t need to be walked a few times a day and can generally take care of themselves without much input from a human. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to prepare anything to make living with a cat comfortable. If this is your first cat read our short guide of the essential items you will need to purchase beforehand.


This is a no-brainer. You will need to have cat food ready at hand when your new pet arrives. Some cats are gluttons and they will eat anything you give them (or whatever they can grab off your dinner plate) while others have sensitive palates and will only eat certain types of food. If you have the means to, find out what the cat was eating at their previous owners and try to feed them that. Familiar food will make it easier to adjust and if you want to, you can later slowly change it up. If you aren’t sure which cat food brand your cat was eating earlier buy small amounts of different brands first so that you won’t waste money if your new pet decides to ignore what you gave them.

There are two types of cat foods: dry and wet. Veterinarians recommend providing both types as they each have a different role to play in your cat’s health. Also, grab some food and water bowls, and a pack of cat treats to reward your cat when playing.


Your cat will need to use a toilet regularly so make sure the litterbox you purchase is always clean and filled with cat litter. Litterboxes can be either hooded or open. Hooded ones reduce the amount of litter scatter but not all cats will want to use it.

Litter also comes in many different types. Clumping ones will be easier to clean (for that, you will need a scooper). Crystal costs more but will last longer. Again, it is best to ask the previous owners about your cat’s toilet habits. Some cats have a hard time using different kinds of litter and will only use one specific type.

Scratching needs

If you don’t want to see your furniture ruined get something for your cat to scratch freely. A simple scratching post is fine but if you have enough space and funds we highly recommend getting a cat tree. Cat trees are a great way to vertically expand the space your cat can play in. Cat trees have plenty of scratchable areas and will also provide a safe space for your cat to rest and play. Check out these best cat trees by Pets Ami.


A responsible pet owner should take their companion for regular checkups. For that, you will need to use a cat carrier. Make sure you buy something lightweight but sturdy enough to hold your cat safely inside. The cat carrier should be well-ventilated. Cover the bottom of the carrier with a towel of cloth to help your new friend sit more comfortably.


Additional kayaking equipment for a comfortable trip

You don’t’ need a lot to go on a kayak trip. A kayak, a paddle, some floatation device and comfortable clothes are the bare necessities needed to have a successful excursion. But if you are planning an extensive trip or just want to prepare for the worst, here are some ideas for what else to bring with you when going kayaking.

Kayak seat

One of the worst things about paddling for a prolonged period is the aching in your back and butt. Sitting anywhere for long hours is not uncomfortable and it’s even more so when you are sitting on a hard surface with no cushion. That’s where kayak seats come in. If you don’t want anything spoiling your performance and enjoyment we highly recommend you get one.

Kayak seats are great as they provide lumbar support necessary to enjoy kayaking for the duration of the whole trip. They add stability and increase your comfort. Anyone going on a kayaking trip that lasts for hours during one day should have the best kayak seat with them.

Paddling gloves

Paddling gloves will give your hands an additional layer of protection. This can prevent blisters while providing a better grip. Good paddling gloves don’t cost much but will make a large difference in your kayaking experience. Try them on before you make a purchase to make sure they fit your hands properly.


Even if the weather isn’t particularly sunny, it is still worth it to grab a tub of waterproof sunscreen of at least 30 SPF before you set out. Being outside all day makes you exposed to harmful sun rays and can leave you with a painful sunburn if you’re not careful. Sunscreen can also save you from that awkward tan you get when kayaking in a sit in kayak – lighter legs with tanned upper body.

Emergency snacks

A bag of emergency energy bars can save you and your companions if you feel that the trip is taking a bigger toll on your bodies than expected. A quick energy rush is sometimes all that is needed to reach your final goal.

Protective bags

Plastic protective bags should be a must-have item for every kayaker but they are often overlooked. Putting your valuables, such as cellphones, cash and credit cards can save you in a pinch. The bag will keep your items from having contact with water in case of simple splashing or more serious occurrences, such as capsizing.

Trolling motor

You can even put a trolling motor on your kayak if you don’t feel like paddling all the time. Not all kayaks can be mounted with a trolling motor but most can – make sure to check your model’s specifications first. This is a popular item especially amongst people who use kayaks to fish. These kayak trolling motors should provide everything you need for comfortable kayaking anywhere you are.


7 Items To Take To University

Many say that university is the highlight of one’s lifetime, and I couldn’t agree more. Some crucial decisions hang over your head during student years. You have to make sense of your career, your identity, and your purpose in life. Although these things might seem abstract at this point, soon enough you’re going to feel the urge for some answers. However, before you proceed to the deeper dilemmas, you should start by making sense of the pregnantly current deeds: What did I forget from the Uni list?

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of 7 things that I find essential in hindsight to my years at university.

1. Mug. I wanted to start the list with the most commendable item that has accompanied me in sickness and in health during the academic years. A mug is slightly underappreciated before college, however, you’ll discover new facets of this seemingly usual item. Sometimes a cup of a hot tea or a steamy coffee will be the best solace after a hard exam or the greatest prize after the completion of a difficult project.

2. Messenger Leather Bag. You don’t have to be an old-school student to wear a messenger bag. Not only are they spacious and are just as big as to hold the few notebooks you need but also look great. Of course, this is just a general direction. For instance, you could just as well go for a women’s messenger bag that has a more modern approach to its design than the classic leather one.

3. Umbrella. If you’re not studying in an arid country, then autumn will probably bring about a great deal of dampness and rain. For you not to be taken by surprise, equipping yourself with an umbrella might be the wisest thing to do. Also, another important consideration goes to the dimensions. While larger umbrellas are usually more inviting to the eye and classy, I suggest you purchase a medium-sized one, since they are easier to carry around.

4. Portable Charger. The library is certainly one of the landmarks of a student. While studying time usually feels like it flies by and so it does the phone battery. There’s nothing more frustrating than needing some information and cannot access it due to your phone being dead.

5. Printer. This is one of the most worthwhile university-centered investments. During your student years, you’ll be continuously notified by professors of different manuals that you need to copy or documents you have to provide. In the long run, a printer proves itself a money-saving tool.

6. Earplugs. This is straightly directed towards students who are considering sleeping in halls of residence. Although the dorms provide numerous benefits to students, one of the most flagrant downsides is having to share the room with a few mates. Since you don’t know your future-to-be roommates’ habits, some earplugs will prove themselves beneficial.

7. That one personal emotional item. It could be anything from a teddy bear to a photo or some shaggy jeans. When you’re alone in a new place, there aren’t that many things that remind you of home. You are the only one in charge of keeping the bonds warm and maintaining an emotionally stable journey through university.


How To Choose The Right Camping Tent

It can be more fun when you have the outdoor adventures, particularly when you decide to go on the camping trip together with your family members. The natural surrounding offer the arrays of fun activities, also children can enjoy provided you choose the campsite which has them all.

When you think about sleeping on the ground many people get worried about cold and creepy crawlers, but once you choose a camp tent which is right, then you cannot be worried about these concerns. To get the right camping tent, there are various things which you need to consider which include:

1. Tent size

Normally the tent sizes depend on how many sleepers can accommodate. You need to remember that there is need for any extra space for the luggage. For example, if the camping tent can accommodate six people, take this means 4 people can sleep there comfortably. Another thing you require is the tent which cramps you together with your family in. you need to think about an actual width and length of a tent, particularly if you’re looking for the family tents.

2. Tent shape

Umbrella, wall, A-frame, and dome are among the basic shapes of the tent you can find. Umbrella is popular with the families since it offers more of the standing room and also there is large windows. A-frame likewise, offers the larger floor space and the wall is larger even to the sides. The square floored tents normally offer efficiency with sleeping arrangements and gear, but you need to compare other ways and select the shape which you find the best for the camping tents.

3. Tent comfort

Treat your camp tent like the lodge in the woods or forest and therefore it is supposed to offer the comfort whether you’re taking the nap or relaxing and reading or even when you have some times with your family. Ventilation and ceiling height are few the things which you need have in the mind when you think about the comfort inside the tent.

4. Tent weather resistance

Heat, rain, wind, and cold place demand on the camping tent. The windy conditions demands for the tent which has anchor ropes, stakes, and sturdy poles and geodesic tents can be the right tent for the windy campsite. The tent you decide to choose should be manageable to keep the rain away and also accommodate you easily when it starts to rain. Rain fly has to be waterproof and somehow wrap round your tent and then drop close to the ground to prevent the rain which comes with wind. You need to also consider the camping tent has waterproof floor. The tub floor tent can work best since it keeps the water out even when it runs down the tent.

5. Tent workmanship

It defines the camping tent’s durability. Think about strength and sturdiness of the poles, quality of a fabric being used on a tent, free closing and opening of the zippers together with the tent seams reinforcement. Many people overlook this important camping tent part however they will determine the type of the camping experience you receive.


Must-have gaming gear for true PC gamers

The eSports scene has revolutionized PC gaming as we know it. What once was a hobby and a competition among guilds and top-ranked players who were recognized only online now is a multimillion dollar industry. Just like traditional sports, eSports also require not only the most skilled and talented players, but also the best equipment available to optimize their performance. Leaving aside the obvious such as top-tier PC components and a fast internet connection, there are some pieces of equipment that all PC gamers who are serious about going pro need in their life. Let’s take a look at 3 essential pieces of gaming gear.

Gaming earbuds

We know, headphones are the more traditional choice when it comes to headsets. You just have to admit though, that over-ear headphones, no matter the design, are uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. With that in mind, an alternative that is more and more common nowadays is going with gaming earbuds, since they aren’t as annoying to wear during longer play sessions and come in a variety of designs. Some even come with noise canceling, built-in microphones, and touch gestures for controls, so it’s a full-on headset experience without the over-ear element that might be a turn-off for some.

Gaming microphone

A standalone microphone separate from headphones or earphones makes all the difference to those gamers who are also into streaming their play sessions. PC gamers can get a higher quality stream by getting the best gaming microphone available to them, of which surprisingly there are plenty of options that are not super expensive. In fact, they don’t necessarily have to be cardioid mics that look similar to those used in radio cabins and such. Some more affordable options include body mics that you can just clip to your shirt, making them a more practical alternative for gamers who don’t want to have to worry about mic placement all the time.

Gaming glasses

We have covered enough about the importance of sound, but what about video? Images are perhaps the more predominant component of video games, so it’s only natural that a cool display is of the essence. However, gamers think little about their own screen time limitations, which is why you don’t often see them wearing dedicated glasses. These gaming glasses are designed to filter blue light in most cases, avoiding fatigued vision during long play sessions. They are also designed to cover a wider field of vision so as to avoid any image perception distortion, and also to fit comfortably on anyone regardless of face shapes.

Gaming mouse

Last but not least, we know a lot of PC gaming is done mainly with keyboard controls or hooking up a compatible controller, but there are gamers and games that also favor the use of mice in controls. A good gaming mouse should have an ergonomic design that is easy on the hand to avoid any long-term issues derived from using it too much. Buttons and scroll pads should be large and comfortable enough to use with ease while also being adjustable to ensure responses as precise as possible.


5 Reasons Why Quality Guitar Strings Are Important

Many people, especially newbies ignore the importance of strings in a guitar. It is one of the most essential part of the guitar and its quality influences the tune and music that is being played. People tend to rely on default strings provided by the guitar brand at the time of purchasing.
The decision to select a string should rest with the guitarist. High quality strings are more than just sound transmitting agents, there is a great deal of science involved in its manufacturing process.

Let us discuss the top 5 reasons to determine why quality of strings matters in a guitar

a) Material Determines The Flexibility Of The String

At its core, most guitar strings are made of brass plated high carbon steel. The tonality of music produced is also dependent on the specific type of windingor wrap wire being used in the guitar. For example, in order to produce a brighter and sharper tone, phosphor and bronze string in proportion of 80:20 is best suited.

In order to have a warm tone with a mellow down harmonious effect, silk and steel wounded strings are sought for. There are options to select alloys and coated strings for a premium musical experience.

b) Thickness Of The String Influences Tone And Playability Of Your Guitar

In languages used by guitarist, gauge generally refers to the thickness of the string, and is generally the first string or the high E.Gauge of the string is a vital consideration that plays factor in determining the tone of the music being played. Depending on whether you choose a lighter string or a heavier string, the resultant sound varies to a great observable degree.

Thicker string denotes heightened tension on the string, which results in relatively difficult to bend and fret your notes. There are no set standards to recommend a particularstring gauge, and it is subjective to a guitarist’s preference

c) Gives Your Guitar A Premium And Professional Look

Not only does a well-designed string work wonders for your tone, it also enhances the aesthetic look and feel of your guitar. It all narrows down to the material type and the aesthetical factors that were considered at the time of designing and manufacturing the string.

Coating of the core metal wire used in the string too lends its impact on the look and feel of it. As an indicator to its useful-life, a dull and lackluster string could indicate its time to change. This way you are able to predict a situation, rather than feel miserable at the time of performance or action.

d) Quality or the lack of it can determine the pressure on your finger

Most guitarists often complain of sore fingers due to prolonged playing of guitar. Some argue that playing lighter gauge strings are easier on your finger while heavier versions causes pain. While the choice of music determines the gauge of the string to be used, the quality of material with which the string is made of can be instrumental in negating such painful experience.

Not only the quality, the way a string is designed and configured with the right balance of alloy and its coating can have a great deal of impact on your finger-tips.

e) Longevity of the product

Modern-day manufacturing techniques have progressed to great heights, and the science of guitar string manufacturing is no different. Strings too have witnessed their fair share of technological advancement to increase its longevity.

One such technology is coating of the string. While coating a guitar string can dampen its shine, it is proven to enhance its product-life by an astounding three to four time compared to the ones that are not coated. Strings that are cryogenically frozen are known to sustain for longer duration without impacting the quality of the tone or music.


The science and technology behind designing and manufacturing of quality strings has come a long way offering guitarist an array of choices to pick from.

You no longer need to rely solely on strings that come along from the original guitar manufacturer or OEM and can customize basis your requirement.

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Gain Exquisite Finish Results Using a Paint Sprayer

Many people enjoy sprucing up their homes on their own opposed to paying someone to do the job for them. While it takes more time and effort to do the job on your own, home remodeling tasks and painting jobs can be done more easily at a cheap price and the extra money can be put into more supplies, furniture, and parts to maintain and upgrade things around the home. Regular maintenance, upkeep, remodeling, and painting to a home on a fairly consistent basis will help to prevent mold from growing, and will also help the homeowner to keep his or her house at a good market value if the decision is ever made to sell the home.

Painting cabinets, walls, exteriors, lawn furniture, or interior furniture with a brush is time-consuming and also leaves room for brush strokes to stand out. This method of painting can take days or many hours to complete, depending on how big the painting job is. In addition to being time-consuming, the end result is not always what the person had in mind due to the method of paint used.

Electric paint sprayers are available in a wide range of sizes and price categories and can be used to complete small jobs and large jobs alike. These types of painting devices generally take just a fraction of the time to complete the task that painting with a brush or roller would take.

As well as saving time, electric paint sprayers also provide premium results because the paint is sprayed on in one, solid, even coat.

Trim can be taped off if only the walls are to be painted and this can make for an opportunity of completing a painting job in a very short amount of time.

Best paint sprayers, when properly used; provide a smooth, exquisite finish that the painter can be proud of for a long time to come. Because the paint is distributed through a handheld nozzle or handgun with an airless feature, the paint goes on evenly to the entire surface that is being painted. The result is a very desirable paint finish that looks and feels even and is the same color tone throughout the surface.

No matter what you are painting, you very well find that investing in an electric or battery-operated paint sprayer will help you to complete many different painting jobs in just minutes opposed to hours spent painting. Using a paint sprayer will also help you to achieve the smooth, polished, beautiful look that you want for your cabinet, furniture, or walls.

These sprayers can be portable and easily stored in a garage until the next time they are used. This always prevents you from dealing with brushes and rollers, and you can also avoid unsightly painting mistakes through heavy brush strokes or rolling swipes used that are common when paint brushes and rollers are used for painting jobs. Online authorized dealers have multiple selections of paint sprayers to choose from to help you get any painting job successfully completed.

If you’re renovating your house, visit for reviews on all the products you’d need to get the job done.


The Intermatic PF1103T Review

Every pool needs a pump that will regulate its maintenance over time. New owners will find an excellent selection waiting for them. The Intermatic PF1103T review will cover details about the unit. It is installed on the side of the pool and actually works automatically as well. The specifics of the model are sure to impress anyone who wants to install it. Get a pool maintained with as little problems as possible. The Intermatic PF1103T review will prove to be a popular request for pool owners out there. It will help make pool maintenance go by much easier at the home.

The unit features a timer that can be set by the pool owner. That will regular how the pool is maintained over time as well. The Intermatic PF1103T review will need to cover some basic features. The unit actually works on a 3 horsepower motor that is effective. That will keep all components working as they should for some time now too. The dial is easily accessed by opening up the panel and looking at the components inside. People are pleased with the performance of the box unit so far. All components are easily accessed on one simple panel inside too.

The control panel enables the pool pump to get activated whenever it is needed. That will keep the pool well maintained, even when owners are away from the house. People want to see the unit get tested before it is installed.

Full resolution images of the control panel can be seen online. That allows pool owners to make good decisions when they install the product. The brand name manufacturer has backed the product with a guarantee. Expect superior performance and all around expertise when people give it a try.

That could convince anyone to purchase the unit for use with a pool.

Turn on a pump heater when the temperature drops to a certain level. That is especially important for cold weather climates and pools that might freeze over. The heater will work as is needed to clear the pool of frost. The timer can be set by the owner to turn on when needed. Set the timer to click on when the temperature drops to a certain level. Get familiar with the basic components and how that can help people maintain the pool. The beige color enclosure will protect all components during cold weather. Expect the pump control to work in almost all weather conditions.

The price tag for the model is affordable for most prospective owners. Consider it to be an investment in the pool itself too. Proper maintenance will take good care of the pool and keep it looking its best. Swimmers will appreciate proper maintenance and the pool won’t require any repairs. It is possible to have the unit shipped to any location as well. That is a convenient way to shop for components and the beige box unit. Expect to pay for shipping and handling fees for the unit. But that will get the package delivered in a short amount of time.

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Birmingham is a city located in the county of West Midlands in the country of England. It is the second most populated city in Britain. It covers an area of over one hundred square miles and has a population of over a million residents. Birmingham’s history can be trace back over fourteen hundred years ago to a seventh century hamlet at the edge of the Arden Forest. Over the last two centuries Birmingham has been transformed from a village to an industrialized city. This meteoric rise was caused by factors such as scientific advancement, investment in the cities infrastructure and an influx of foreign workers.

The twentieth century saw Birmingham become a major industrial center for the United Kingdom. Today the economy has shifted from a manufacturing center to a service center. An ever increasing segment of Birmingham’s economy is tourism. And this is due in part to the beautiful hotels, restaurants, musical destinations and historical attractions of the city.

One of the most popular historical attractions in the city is Aston Hall. Aston Hall is a mansion that was built in 1618 in the Jacobean architectural style. This mansion has had a rich history, almost since its inception. In 1643, this mansion was severely harmed by an attack launched by Parliamentary troops. Visitors today can still some of this original damage. There is a gaping hole in the wall where a cannoball went through. The mansion was originally built to serve as the residence of Sir Thomas Holte, and it remained in the Holte family until the early nineteenth century. It was then sold to a private company called Ashton Hall & Park Company to be used as a museum. Later it would be sold to the Birmingham Corporation. In 1927, the Birmingham Civic Society built English style gardens and fountains for the mansion. Today, Ashton Hall is a museum. It now houses artifacts which include furniture, textiles and paintings.

The next historical attraction in Birmingham is not a museum but a pub. Its called the Bartons Arms. It was erected in 1901 by the architectural team of Lister and James Lea. This building is beautifully adorned with wall to wall tile work and its key feature are its Snob Rooms. These were rooms where privileged drinkers could watch the blue collar workers drinking in an adjacent bar without being seen by them. Another popular attraction is the Public Library and Baths. The Public Library and Baths was built in 1891. The library portion was opened in 1895 and the bath portion was opened in 1907. A year later the pool started getting covered over during the winter and the space used for social activities. The main features of this building include baths, a committee room, caretakers flat, a boiler house and a filter room.

Another prominent attraction is the Birmingham Mint. This mint manufactured coins and was originally known as Ralph Heaton and Sons Mint. It was built in the nineteenth century when the Royal Mint started to subcontract private companies to produce coins and tokens. In 1853, the Birmingham Mint got its first contract to strike five hundred tons of copper coins for Britain when the Royal Mint was overwhelmed by its production quota. During the pinnacle of its production, Birmingham mint was striking over one hundred thousand coins each day.

Warwick Castle is a medieval castle located about twenty-five miles outside of Birmingham. Its situated on a cliff located over the River Avon. This castle was built in 1068 by William the Conqueror. From the late eleventh century on the castle belonged to the Earl of Warwick and was an extension of his power until it was seized by Henry II. Over the years the castle was used as a prison and held soldiers from the Battle of Poitiers. In the fifteenth century it was used to imprison King Edward IV. Over its long history the castle has been constantly rennovated and added on to with the addition of towers and other fortifacations. During the seventeenth century non-military additions to the castle included the transformation of the grounds into a garden. This castle was in use until the seventeenth century when Sir Fulke Greville took it over and turned it into a country home. Today, the castle is protected against any unauthorized renovations and is listed as a historic ancient monument.

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts is both an art gallery and a concert hall. This building is located in the University of Birmingham and was opened in 1939. The collection of art contained here is nothing less than incredible. Its full of works from artist such as Rembrandt, Auguste Rodin, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Giovanni Bellini. Other artist included here are Aubrey Beardsley, Gainsborough, Rossetti, Reynolds and Gauguin. The Barber Institute of Fine Arts also contains an extensive collection of rare coins from the Roman and Byzantine Empires. Over fifteen thousand coins are located here. During the summer months this institution also has many festivals and concerts.

The Thinktank at Millennium Point is a science museum that has over two hundred hands on exhibits spread across four floors. This museum is divided into sections which include the Thinkahead, Planetarium, Thinknow and Kid’s City. The Thinkahead section focuses on future technology and features exhibits such as Nanotechnology, Emotive Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Micro air vehicles. The Planetarium is a digital planetarium that is broadcast on the ceiling via six cameras. In this section visitors can see beautiful views of the night sky. Thinknow features current technology and contains exhibits such as Wildlife and Medice. Kid’s City is a series of exhibits geared toward children. Its contains interactive games and also contains a restaurant and a cafe.

And Birmingham is a city that contains a lot more attractions, hotels and restaurants than can be listed here. Other attractions in the city include Nelson’s Statue, Jewellery Quarter, Cadbury World, The Mailbox, The Bullring, Aviation Experience, Tolkien Trail, National Exhibition Centre, Holy Trinity Church, Council House and Methodist Central Hall.